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Mobile Commerce Development

Around the world, above 50 percent of the total population owns a cell phone and about 75 percent of Internet browsing begins on those mobile phones. M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce is riding on the wave of mobile device penetration around the globe. E-commerce business has surprised the World by changing the way we do the shopping and online ordering.

With the increase of cell phone ownership all around in 2018, India will have more than 500 million cell phone clients whereas China will have the most elevated number of cell phone clients up to 1.3 billion taken after by the US as third with 229 million clients. There are around 650 million cell phone clients in India and a little more than 500 million of them have cell phones and Internet availability. Get our mobile commerce development services now to sell your products or services more to mobile users.

What Is M-Commerce and why do you need our Mobile Commerce Services

M-Commerce is also called as Mobile Commerce, is a progression of E-commerce that empowers visitors to buy and sell products or services and incorporates payment transactions completed utilizing mobile phones, for example, cell phones or tablets.


With the expansion in popularity of E-commerce in prior decades, it appeared to be acceptable that mobile commerce would be adopted right on time anticipated. Prior mobile phones were only used for web browsing, research, etc now it has turned into the most famous and simple medium of online shopping. Get our mobile commerce services now to sell your products to mobile users.


Distinctive technologies work better for various visitors, regions, and applications. For Mobile-Commerce, there are three platforms; SMS, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol)

Website Design

Interactive Webtech a leading Mobile Commerce Development Services Company gives you versatile mobile commerce development services that incorporate services like e-shopping, e-ticketing, and e-banking directly through cell phones. Regardless of time and place, your clients will have the capacity to do the transactions utilizing their mobile phones and your business will become grow more than ever before. Our solutions of M-Commerce services include web content creation and improvement for mobile platforms, mobile payment gateway integration, etc.

Benefits Of Mobile Commerce Solutions Are:

In the current commerce industry, M-Commerce has been entered in finance, services, retails, tele-communication and information technology services.

  • Easy Connectivity
  • Flexible Accessibility
  • Time Efficient
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Cost Reduction & Productivity

M-Commerce is a part of E-business that enables visitors to do online payments or transactions through cell phones. There are as of now a few existing M-Commerce applications and services these days that convey numerous M-commerce benefits to us.
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