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Pay Per Click

Being an online business entrepreneur, you must have heard about the significance of PPC. PPC, an abbreviated form of Pay-Per-Click, is a powerful search marketing tool which helps you reach your potential customers through ads. An advertiser has to pay for these ads every time they are clicked.

The actual benefit of these ,PPC ad campaigns depends on how professionally it has been done.


Therefore, Interactive Webtech brings you unparalleled and result driven services of Pay-Per-Click advertising with the support of its certified PPC professionals. Our campaigns are transparent and measurable which helps you evaluate success against your target audience.


How a PPC Ad Campaign will help you-

  • Unlike conventional advertising where ads are designed for maximum exposure in a hope to get the response from the potential audience, in a PPC ad campaign, your ad specifically targets your audience. This is done with the help of keywords and their combinations. These ads will be displayed only to that audience who search for the related keywords. Thus, you can target your potential customers more accurately.

  • When a visitor clicks on your ad and reaches to your website, you can know by which keyword he has been sent there. This will help you in an analysis of your keywords. Accordingly, you can twist your ad campaign. Moreover, you can also plan business strategy and offer new & improved services.

  • As said earlier, PPC helps you target specific audience; this specific audience can be from the particular geographical location. This way you can learn which locations giving you better response and which not. In accordance with that, you can explore new business locations responding in a positive manner.

  • One major advantage is that it is possible to stop or resume any of your PPC ad campaigns in real time.

What do we include in our campaign?

  • Helping you realize your objectives, target market and then developing a realistic strategy

  • Keyword research to find relevant search phrases which can target your services and products.

  • Ad copywriting to ensure high click on rates (CTR).

  • Optimization and managing bid to ensure continued and effective success of campaign

  • Tracking and reporting

  • So, just make a call now and get your PPC done by Google certified team ensuring good ROI in your business.