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Our Methodology

We, at Interactive Webtech, consider every project equally important and thus we make vigorous planning in the execution of the same. We fulfill broad range of marketing and communication needs with complete precision and quality.

Our methodology comprises of following simple steps which ensure variety and excellence in our work-

  • First of first, our professionals meet your company’s representatives to get detail information about your company, its people, products and services, culture, strategies, clients, potential customers and competitors. Accordingly, they will help you create a suitable plan which enlists project goals, budget, timeline, benchmarks and scope.

  • Once this plan is made, we look for the technical, functional and creative needs of your targets. While defining these needs, we keep in mind your desires, expectations and some other issues.

  • Now, the third step is evaluation. We evaluate whether strategies, techniques and project targets are in accordance with the objectives and budget of your business. The evaluation helps us to plan our solutions so that we can fulfill your short-term and long-term needs in budget with best quality and standards.

  • Now, it’s time to put the plans into action, the joint vision created by both of us will now be a reality.The plan created in above defined methodology will enhance customer loyalty, increase user engagement, drives higher revenue and result in growth of ROI. The plan gives excellent results with the help of our below mentioned services.

Innovative web design: In our web design solution, we keep in mind your brand and target customers and create designer web pages. The specialty of these pages is that they are unique, interactive and informative. Such pages will not only hold your customers but also develop an interest in your business deals.

Vibrant online presence: With our backend system, you can access and control different tools. With these tools, you can timely edit, add or delete the content of your website to make it more refined.

Quality assurance: No business can run long, if there is quality compromise. We believe so and thus maintaining high quality is of utmost importance for us. While customizing your web pages, we ensure that they match global WC standards. Moreover they should be search engine friendly and should be user friendly.

Online promotion of web pages: Any marketing effort is incomplete if it could not bring traffic and generate leads. Our marketing professionals ensure improved SEO, PPC, Social marketing campaigns and email marketing which boost sales of your business in attracting potential customers in huge numbers.

Web maintenance: It is necessary to keep fresh content on web pages for the continuous traffic via search engines. At Interactive Webtech, strategists help in content management and post implementation support.